Monday, July 04, 2005

They got their wifis on you

It just keeps getting more outrageous. From Talk Left:
Some Wisconsin judges are making people accused of alcohol-related offenses wear special ankle bracelets to track whether they are drinking.
A couple of beers can trigger the bracelet, which measures alcohol consumption through skin perspiration, according to the device's maker. The bracelet takes a reading and sends the information via wireless modem to a monitoring center.
The accuracy of the bracelets is in dispute but that hasn't stopped the courts from using them. It's not much of a stretch to imagine how this technology could be extended to drugs or even cheesebergers, as this government seeks to gain more and more control over our lives.

Why pretend this is non-invasive and use ankle bracelets. Might as well make them collars.
As one defense lawyer comments:

"I guess the next step will be to wire it to the nearest police cruiser, and they'll come pick you up."
And they will know exactly where you are via the RFID chip embedded in the bracelet. The word Orwellian comes up so often these days, as to have become almost trite, but how else to describe this relentless chipping away at our privacy rights?


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