Monday, July 04, 2005

Sold on Swiffer

Housework. Hate doing it, love it when it's done. Posting is delayed today because I had to clean this place up before it was condemned and once I start posting, I'm lost for hours. I'm far from finished since I haven't actually moved into this place yet. If I were truly good, I would be unpacking my kitchen stuff and setting up the kitchen for actual cooking but to tell the truth, I wouldn't cook even if went to all that trouble. I don't find that I'm missing having the various utensils all available at a moment's notice. Besides, only having one plate in the cupboard keeps me from piling up dishes. My sink is always clean.

I did break down and spend 20 bucks on a new mop though, one of these Swiffer things. It's not the fancy model I saw on TV last night that vacuums also, but it does have a little motorized sprayer for the cleaning fluid and it works great. Used it for the first time today and it did the job well, it was fast and easy. In fact it was almost fun. It went so quickly that I mopped the whole house in one shot. And just throwing away the yucky pad is great. If you don't have one, get it. Totally worth the money.


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