Saturday, July 02, 2005

Cannabis consumers contribute to the economy

Quote of the day comes from this piece by Andrew Hanon in the Edmunton Sun. Hanon looks at the thriving paraphenalia business in town, interviewing Colin Rogucki, proprietor of Shell Shock. Rogucki notes the city's consumers easily support seven different stores selling bongs, pipes and other implements of cannabis consumption.

The money quote comes from Hanon's observation that there was an increased police presence around the store on the day he conducted the interview. Not for the pot-heads but to keep the drunks celebrating Canada Day in order. He wisely notes,
The cops were out in force just to make sure the drunks didn't start a riot, but have you ever heard of a bunch of potheads rioting? And when was the last time you heard anyone extolling the medicinal benefits of alcohol?

It's something to think about.


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