Friday, July 01, 2005

Speaking with the enemy

Heh. I just received a cc: on an anonymous posting to DEA Watch from an obvious drug policy reformer. It speaks for itself.
I understand your need to want to be a confidential "shop talk"/"agency gossip" site, but if you were to listen to some non-cops, you might find out the answer to that question...and it's simply because you guys DON'T do anything worth celebrating. In fact, you comport with the public view of the agency: you suck.

If you were more concerned with doing a worthwhile job than your job security and your precious gold tin badges, you'd see that (1) the "War on Drugs" was always a political crock of the culture warriors, just as Prohibition I was in the days of Arnslinger and Al Capone and (2) you've lost the war on drugs (drug users)...and the public doesn't buy it.

Maybe people can give a rat's ass about meth and heroin, but when you're going after popular martyrs like Tommy Chong and Renee Boje and the medical marijuana, and hell, recreational marijuana folks, you're bound to lose. But no, you and ONDCP and all of your stupid minions fight all the harder with your ridiculous "marijuana = terrorism" arguments.

Hey, you like wild ass right-wing paranoid arguments, so why don't you consider the real truth about what your agency is really all about: a political handmaiden of the oligarchs:

...THAT'S why you guys are unpopular! I know you don't print anything except the whining of your overpaid pigs: I dare you to start a dialog with those (legalizers) who know you up close and personal and don't like what we see (but paradoxically, might have an idea about what you can do to start digging yourselves out of the deep hole of 100 years of lies you've dug and maybe doing something to make the world a better place, and perhaps get some good press and respect in the bargain.

I also have a 24 hour poll question: Is marijuana really a dangerous drug? Should marijuana be de-scheduled or made Schedule 2 or 3? Should we stop arresting marijuana "trafficers" and "manufacturers" and get back to prosecuting...

Is the War on Drugs racist? If cigarettes are a health risk, do you think we'd have better success at getting people to quit if we were to criminzalize tobacco and incarcerate a couple of million ciggie smokers?

Do you think if you got back to basics and started re-focusing on the most dangerous drugs like heroin and meth, you'd have more public support than going after Tommy Chong and californians in wheelchairs. Do you secretly think it was really cool when the folks at the WAMM cooperative locked our agents inside the gates and the local cops wouldn't help?

I D.A.R.E. you to print any of this on your website or start dealing with "the enemy". Maybe if you knew your enemy better, you'd be better able to fight him and see that you might have more in common with your enemies than with your idiotic friends like Sensenbrenner, Barthwell, Walters, Souder, Betty Sembler, Calvina Fay, etc. etc. and the rest of those despicable hyenas.

Maybe if you acted like the good guys once in a while instead of the grinch that stole christmas, you wouldn't have to ask those Shakespearean questions. I would guess the guys who busted Tommy Chong must be total dicks or have ice water in their veins. If you prick them, there's no blood...just like Robocop and the Terminator.

I wonder if DEA Watch will post it?


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