Friday, January 12, 2007

Free stuff of the day

This freecycle list is kind of a PITA. It generates more traffic than I really need in my inbox but some of the stuff is so funny that I decided to stay on the list just for the blog fodder. Maybe I'll make this an occassional feature. Here's today's hot item.
I am moving and must get rid of a chair in my living room. It has been re-covered with grey and off-white striped fabric, which looks pretty good, and the chair underneath is pretty ugly. Comes with 2 pillows. It is pretty comfy, but it has been scratched pretty badly by my cats (the cover has a small hole on one of the arms). If you want a chair for your pets, or to throw in the basement or on the porch, this would be good for that. I don't think it would be good for anyone who is allergic to cats.
The poster's nick is Emily the Librarian. With a name like that I was expecting it to be a floral chintz. Or maybe a maroon tweed. In any event -- tempting as she makes it sound -- I think I'll pass.


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