Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scenes from my past - Part Twelve

There's a new one now, a big sleek white building, but when I was growing up this was my library. The kid's section was on the first floor. You had to be 12 years old to get to the second floor. While I was waiting to get old enough to get up there, I read fully 90% of the books downstairs. Used to bring home six at a time, more than once a week. I read every book in the mystery section first. Then I moved to the litte room with the biographies. There was one series I especially liked. They had orange covers with a black silhouette. My very favorites were Molly Pitcher, Luther Burbank and Stephen Foster.

This building is still on Main Street. It's a music center of some kind. They renovated it so it doesn't have all the fabulous frills on the roof. This is more what it looked like back then. [photo via]

[Photos are better if you click on them to embiggen.]



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