Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter wonderland

I'm hearing it poured rain in the Northeast on top of the snow today, but yesterday was dry for the big dig when people excavated their cars and the kids went out to play. My favorite of the snow photos was this gallery of dogs who love snow. There's 40 of them. This was my very favorite of the lot. Reminds me of my old dog Casey, may she rest in peace.

New winner of best in snowmen is this ambitious production. It reminds me of my favorite cartoon strip, now also sadly gone, Calvin and Hobbes.

[photo via NBC instagram page]

Apparently forgot to save the photo from this Massachusetts snow gallery but I'm sure there's something great in there. And surely CNN (now under new management)got the biggest scoop of the storm.

[photo via Dave Pell]

Meanwhile I'm told in the Happy Valley the fog is quietly rolling in. I used to love when that happened. If memory serves it mysteriously melts the snow.

[Photos are better if you click on them to embiggen.]


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