Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I haven't had a traditional Christmas tree in many years. Sometimes I throw a few branches of pine, or just bare wood twigs from a birch tree or something, in a vase and decorate those. But if I was going to go all out, this is surely the tree I would want:

Then there's this tree, a truly awesome tribute to recycling.

Click the link for the close ups. It's in Kaunas, Lithuania, a 42 foot tall Christmas tree made of 32,000 green plastic bottles. At night, the tree is lit by 40,000 lights. The tree is by Lithuanian artist Jolanta Smidtiene.

And I've been falling down on the Christmas lights. Hard to find photos I can save as images. They mostly seem to be in flash galleries like this one. Some righteously garish light displays there for the lovers of tacky holiday decorating.


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