Friday, December 09, 2011

Cat's in the corn

I can't figure out how to imbed this video, and I don't usually bother with cute cats because everybody already posts them but just in case you missed Cat on Boat Plays with Dolphins, you really must watch it. Best cat video ever. Not so much cute as astounding.

Also since it's the weekend and I can't embed this one either, a little time waster of a sort of game. Doesn't waste too much time, and I thought it was fun. Draw a stick man and watch him come to life. Very clever interactive amusement.

As for the photo, no idea where I got it. It's been sitting there in my pictures file for so long I lost the link that should go with it. But great shot, and if the photog happens to see it here, shoot me a link so I can post the credit. .


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