Sunday, December 04, 2011

With no direction home...

I was on a long overdue cruise through my blogroll when I was reminded of my far flung roots by this post at Ellison's cheese aisle. That corner of the world was where my first adult home was located. Having lost all my historic photos in that unfortunate robbery many years ago, I spent way too much time looking for pictures of my very first house in lovely Norfolk, CT.

It wasn't my first place when I left home. I lived in a series of shared rentals in Winsted and Torrington, but Norfolk was the first place I had a house all to myself. It was still rented but this is where my daughter was born. Sadly, I couldn't find a photo of it. However, this was definitely my landlord's house, now a Bed and Breakfast.

Thought at first this might have been mine, but looking at the maps, it's the wrong color, not big enough and situated wrong on the lot. Also the porch wasn't screened in.

The topography has changed in the last 40 years so this satellite shot doesn't look quite right either, but I'm thinking this is it. The house is situated correctly, it's white and seems big enough. It was a huge old Victorian, three stories, with a gorgeous wrap around porch and an attached studio on the back. Back then there were only woods across the street.

It was ridiculously huge for just the three of us. We didn't even have enough furniture to fill it up. But we had a lot of house guests back then. Someday I suppose I might take a road trip to revisit it and get a real photo.

Anyway, if the link doesn't work, plug in 108 Laurel Way and zoom in as far as you can in the satellite view and you can sort of see it. I really did love that house.


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