Friday, November 18, 2011

Missing shrooms

For most of my life I've lived in woodsy places that at certain times of year abound with mushrooms. I've even eaten a few of the "foolproof four" without dying. When I moved south, my first place was a veritable mushroom farm. Since I moved mid-state, I see a few giant mushrooms now and again, but not the variety or the abundance I became accustomed to in all my years of country living.

Maybe there are more in the woods but I'm paranoid about the ticks here. You can die from a tick bite around these parts. And not to mention the poisonous snakes and spiders. So I don't hike like I used to and must content myself with photos from those who are braver than me.

Lots more pictures here and here. Many look sort of familiar, but it's been long since I've studied mycology. I can no longer name any but the amanita.


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