Sunday, May 02, 2010

A night at the opera

So I haven't posted because I took a quick trip out of the little city. My ex talked me into taking a break and going down to Atlanta for a few days. Since he kindly sent me a ticket and we were overdue for a visit, it was impossible to refuse. I confess I was a little cranky when he informed me a couple of days later we were going to the opera on the night I arrived. Mainly because I would have to bring extra clothes and I pride myself on traveling light. I was thinking, "I'll need two extra pairs of shoes for a three day trip. Really?"

Of course, as always happens with these things, he was right. I had a great time. He scored front row seats for The Magic Flute. I've never sat in the front row for anything. I could hardly decide whether to watch the show or the orchestra in the pit. They were both fabulous. And the sets were incredible.

They appear to have a blog, so you can see more pictures here. And as an added bonus, my brand new heels didn't pinch and I didn't fall off them, being out of practice in wearing heels at all for the last five years or so.

Otherwise the visit was low key. We get along much better as friends than we ever did as a couple. Went out for Indian food, which I really miss. Played pinball. That's kind of our thing. We've played it all over the world. And it was great to play on a new working machine. I'm glad I went.


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