Friday, April 23, 2010

As the crow flies

I think I'm inadvertently taming a crow. I've taken to throwing the heels of my bread out on the lawn for the birds. In the beginning it was mostly the squirrels eating it, though I did occassionally see a mockingbird or little sparrow taking a chunk. Now I have a big old crow who has discovered the stash. For the last few days he has taken to swooping in and sitting in the tree where I throw the bread and loudly demanding I throw more out. Yesterday, I quietly told him there were still at least five chunks still on the ground and he should look a little harder. He looked at me, hopped onto the lawn and collected all five of them -- at once -- and flew off with them.

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you about my exciting new find. There's a Goodwill store in the big city nearby, well about 40 minutes away, that has an outlet center. It's a crazy place. Never seen anything like it at the second hand stores. It's a huge space and the stuff is all thrown willy nilly in big flat bins that you have to dig through. They charge by the pound. It's like a treasure hunt. We spent about 20 minutes there and I walked out with a brand new fleece with a ESPN logo, an old Dana Girls mystery book from 1934, a newish silk scarf from Casual Corner and a funky wooden bead purse in perfect condition for $2.87 total. Want to go back there sometime and spend a whole day just digging through the bins.



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