Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Well okay, it was two days ago I took the pictures in the post below this on a warm afternoon in the little city. It was about 60 degrees then. Today it won't get out of the low 20s and this is the view from my window.

Unfortunately, I clicked a little too soon, so you can't see the snowboarder they were towing but if you click the picture to enlarge it, you can see the tow rope. Only got one try since I was taking it from the window. However, shortly thereafter, they broke out this ATV thing. Kid was going fast.

Wasn't too long after that the cops arrived to shut them down. I suppose it's probably illegal to drive those things on the streets, but this is a very quiet street and there's almost no traffic on it. I was a little annoyed they didn't let the kids enjoy the snow. It's not like we get that much of it here.

Meanwhile, the coolest thing I saw today I couldn't get a shot of at all. About six crows attacked a huge hawk. The hawk hid under a chimney cap on the church and the crows circled around it making a huge ruckus. I ran out with the camera but of course they flew away before I could fire it up.

And in other news, I love this neighborhood. I got a peek at a few more neighbors as they seem to be walking out today going to the convenience store. Seem to be a lot younger, college age kids. Saw at least three different guys coming home with 18 pks of cheap canned beer.


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