Monday, January 11, 2010

Loose ends

My friend Mary a PowerPop made me the coolest birthday gift. If you like music trivia the place to be on Friday is there for Simels weekly listomania. I play almost every week though I don't usually get there until Saturday. And you can play guess the theme on Thursdays. I rarely make that one, and when I do, I'm always wrong.

I can't remember if I posted this, but it's so cool, especially if you live in a place that rarely gets snow or you love it a lot. How to preserve snowflakes forever.

I don't usually read Hollywood gossip anymore, but I found this slideshow of celebrity houses interesting. They're all for sale for various reasons. That's the gossip part.

And I just love this kid on twitter. My NYC sweetie John de Guzman is a great photographer. I love his eye for framing and he takes photos of my favorite building. The Chrysler looking glorious and Chrysler building detail at night.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure why my Haloscan hasn't died by now, but I'm still going to upgrade the template soon. That ugly code at the top has got to go. Wonder if I should change the color scheme?


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