Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday at the Park

For such a small city, we have an abundance of parks. Checked out this one on Sunday afternoon. The lake is more of a small pond but the fountain is a nice touch.

I didn't go out on the gazebo but my Dad tells me you can see turtles if you look over the side. I'll go back for that and to check out the walking trails in the woods. I hiked in a little ways while I was there. The trails are paved but a bit overgrown and not well traveled. It was pretty late in the day and I didn't have my cell with me so I didn't want to go too far in alone. I did stop on the way out to check out the horseshoe pits though.

Obviously at one time, this was a major feature of the park. Looks like the sport is dying out a bit. Those four looked a little forlorn out there. Didn't feel like talking to the guys keeping score but I watched for a while. They were good. Lots of ringers.


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