Saturday, July 18, 2009

The old magnolia tree

Awk!! I was sure I posted this yesterday but realized this morning, that I had uploaded the photos and didn't write the post. A couple of more shots of the cemetary from my very sweaty Sunday walk last week. This is my favorite tree, at least so far. I don't normally love these magnolias. Or rather I do love them but wouldn't want to own one. They're messy trees when the leaves and pods drop. But in any event, I've never seen one as old or as gnarled as this. This is the ultimate kid's climbing tree.

Hard to get a good shot to render the sheer size of it with my cheezy camera but this will give you a sense of it. I've never seen another that spreads so wide.

Hope it cooler tomorrow so I can explore some of the sections on this side of the cemetary. I figure there has to be really old headstones somewhere in this place. Haven't found them yet.


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