Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Suds 'n Duds

The one thing this new place doesn't have is a convenient laundry. As you may recall, I was excited to find out there was just down the road. It's tucked off into the corner of the plaza and from the parking lot it looks abandoned. But I noticed from the road, there was a big sign on the roof saying it was open every day at 6:30am and the side door was open. From the outside it didn't look that promising. The sign has the requisite missing letter.

But I figured what the hey, I'd give it a try. Besides, when I went there it was pretty late in the day and I really needed clean clothes. Didn't have time to search for another place. Walking into the door didn't do much for my confidence in the place.

The washers looked okay but the dryers were decidedly unappealing.

Turned out the washers weren't that great either. I ended up sticking around for the whole cycle instead of shopping, which I never do. The rinse cycle was about 30 seconds long. Normally you can count on 25 minutes for a wash. This one cycled through in about fifteen. And to say the place was filthy would be an understatement.

I don't think that mop has been used in many months. Needless to say, this is not going to be my regular stop. The good news is, some other guy came in just as I was finishing up and clued me in on the other places in town. Apparently there's a much nicer one just up the street, with an attendant. Next time I'm trying that one. Hard to imagine anything could be worse than this.


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