Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something good

I always check before I leave to make sure they gave me the right pills. There's only one brand that doesn't make me sick. But this time I was distracted and I forgot.

I should have known. It was clear the pharmacist was a temp and he was screwing up every order in front of me. But I forgot to check.

When I went to take the pill that night, sure enough, it was the wrong damn brand. Fortunately I discovered I still had one pill stashed for just such an emergency. But I wasn't looking forward to having to deal with the pharmacy the next day. It was a Sunday. I figured the same guy would be there.

But I was had a rare stroke of luck. It was a regular pharmacist. Not one I usually deal with. She was a woman and she was so nice. She checked the records and they clearly stated I could only get the one specific brand. She even showed me the containers they take the scripts from. They have one separate container with my name on it. Just to be sure.

She switched the order for me right away. Didn't even charge me the extra for the brand so I saved about eight bucks. This is why I pay a few extra bucks to go the local pharmacy instead of going to Walmart. You can't get service like that in a chain store.


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