Monday, March 09, 2009

Afternoon Walk

The weather has been gorgeous here for the last three days. I have the windows open. The birds are coming back. I've been walking every day trying to get back in shape. The McCompound gets pretty boring since there's not much to see here so I walked in town a couple of days ago. I've been wanting to visit this old cemetary for a while. It's very peaceful.

As I was composing the shot, all of sudden, out of nowhere, I felt something furry wrapping around my ankles. It was this cat.

That's her collar, not her tongue. It was studded with rhinestones. I had to jump around to get her to sit still for the shot. She was much sweeter than she looks here. As I made my walk in a wide circle, I found something you don't see everyday. A real gaslight lamp. This is privately owned. The only one in town.

The early bulbs are springing up everywhere. I saw lots of daffodils. But I didn't know what these were. At first I thought they were Guinea Hen tulips, but after searching the internets I discovered they were really hellebores.

Not sure why it's so dark. The original was much lighter and in real life it was gorgeous in the golden sunlight. If you click to embiggen, you can appreciate the light better. What was a little spooky, was when I was trying to identify them, I found this shot online. It could almost be the same bed. Weird.


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