Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Follow the Star

Last day of the dogsitting gig. This is a nice place and the doggie is a sweetie, but I'll be glad to be home again and not be forced to go out for a walk in the howling wind or the raw, wet cold for an hour whether I feel like it or not. Now I remember why I stopped taking these sort of gigs in the winter. Man, it was cold yesterday.

Today looks a little better. The sun came out and it looks like just a fairly mild breeze out there at the moment so my last walk with the little guy should be more pleasant. Hope it warms up a little more by walktime.

Meanwhile, Avedon tells me advent doesn't officially start for a couple of more days but the calendars of course start on the first. I've always loved advent calendars. It was a big part of our Christmas tradition when my daughter was growing up. I don't get them anymore. It's not quite the same opening up the window by yourself, but there's a whole wealth of them on-line.

Avedon collects the links every year. I'm a traditionalist so my favorites are the St Mary Margaret and the Liverpool Museum versions, but you may like the more modern ones better.

Anyway, I really like the on-line ones so if you find any while you're surfing the intertubes, please do leave me a link in comments.


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