Sunday, July 13, 2008

New neighbors

Never noticed the old people move out but a new couple moved in. Hard to tell if they're an actual couple or house mates. They make an unlikely pair.

They look to be in their early 30s. She's athletic looking and kind of outgoing, take charge person. She drove the UHAUL. He's pale and looks oddly unfit, like the movie version of a computer geek. Turns out he's a musician though. I happened to catch a glimpse of when they emptied his car and they carried in at least four guitars, a violin and a electronic drumset.

I'm curious to find out their story but I suppose I never will. I think they must have moved to the far end of the first floor since I didn't hear any thumping of furniture on the stairs. I'll probably never see them except when they're driving out.

I went to the pool for the third day in a row and pushed it a little on the exercise regime so I'm whipped. I'm going to turn on some dumb teevee and fall asleep.


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