Saturday, November 03, 2007

Drug war bytes

It's been so cold, I've barely left the house. I guess fall has finally arrived around here and I'm missing those 75 degree days already but I'm happy to report the McPartment is cozy and warm and I haven't had to turn the heat on much yet. I'm betting the old lady downstairs cranks hers up and I'm benefitting from the overflow. I'll tell you one thing else, living on the second level has one huge advantage that I didn't anticipate. The floor never gets cold. In my old one story ranch, the floor would be so cold by this time of year, my toes would go numb if I wasn't wearing shoes. Here I can go barefoot.

Anyway, in a vain attempt to keep this blog nominally relevant to the war on some drugs, here's a couple of links. I've been doing most of my posting on the issues at Newshoggers and here's the latest news on sentencing guidelines for crack. The Commission revised them to at least conform with the mandatory minimums. Now if we could just get rid of mandatory sentencing, we'd be getting somewhere.

Meanwhile, I didn't even know my pal Howard Wooldridge had a brother, but he does and Frosty posts a good interview with Howard on how the war on some drugs corrupts cops. Worth a read.


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