Friday, October 26, 2007

Withdrawal symptoms

Yikes what a day. I'm in my relentless funk to start and the cable goes out last night and doesn't come back on until 5:00pm today. No internet, no TV. I don't own a radio. My life in on the internets. I was cast adrift. No news. No weather. It's pouring rain so forget the walk. And did I mention I forgot to refill my tranq script until the last minute and discovered it had expired?

I had to resort to house work. I organized all sorts of things including my winter and summer clothes. I put my three dollar wreath together and it worked pretty well. I'll take a photo if the sun ever comes out again. And I hung up Igor, my rubber bat, for Halloween on the hummingbird feeder hook. That was my satisfying project today.

I've had Igor a really long time, maybe 20 years. He used to have a rubber band thingy on his back but that eventually broke so I now I use black thread. The thread is probably 10 years by now. Nonetheless, I hung him up and he's been spinning for hours now. It's so cool. It looks like he's flying in circles. He may never stop.

I'm going to see if I can find my skelton for the door tomorrow.


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