Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wasting time...

I'm sorry kids. I know I've been away too long but I'm going through stuff right now that I can't talk about. All I can tell you is I'm in a black depression. My future is dark and uncertain and I don't remember ever feeling quite this sad. This song is saying what's roiling in my soul tonight.

But not to worry. I'll get over it. In the meantime, I can just entertain you with links to places more amusing than this one is right now. This one I found at Tits place is addictive, the google image labeler. I explain how it works, here.

There was a miracle sighting of Pope Paul waving from the grave.

This is one of those optical illusions that will drive you crazy. I can see her going in both directions and once I overcame my fixed expectation, it definitely looks like she switches randomly on her own and not on anything I do with focusing my eyes. I might note for those who try this at home that it does help to focus just on her feet. It’s the head turning and breasts that fools the brain I think.

And if you just feel like looking at something really beautiful, here's a gallery of Microphotography. Very cool photos. Found at Avedon's place, who by the way has a terrific Flickr gallery of her own. Most of the shots are of her garden and other sights in England.

Oh you say you want cute? I got cute for you. Check out Kee's kittens. Keep scrolling. He's got a lot of shots.


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