Friday, October 05, 2007


All my troubles seemed so far away.... Today, not so much. While I pull myself together enough to finish my doctor story, here's some shots I took yesterday.

Those of you who know me well, will appreciate the enormonity of my having taken this shot of the sunrise. I actually see the sun rise a lot lately. For some reason, I'm on this weird schedule that I can't kick unless I've had several days off in a row and I go to bed by 10:00 and get up at dawn.

This is an especially good one but forget about that old saw, red sky in morning - sailor take warning. We didn't see a drop of rain yesterday.

I did however see this really strange rainbow when I came home last evening. It was only visible from that one spot in the McCompound and I was thinking it was more a sunspot kind of thing. Anyway it was very cool to see. That one particular spot is also the best place to watch the sunset. For some reason the sun looks much bigger there than it does only few hundred feet farther down where I live.

And finally, tis the season. Some of the first floor apartments really go all out for yard decorations, even though as I recall it's against the rules but no one seems to follow most of them here anyway. This shot is little too tight to do the whole arrangement justice but I wanted to get a good shot of the statuary. These folks also have the absolute best Halloween wreath I've ever seen. It's simply psychedelic. I'm hoping to get a good shot of it if the sun comes out this weekend.


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