Sunday, October 28, 2007

Odd lots

Avedon calls them follys. The official term is outsider art. Me, I just call them awesome. I always wanted to devote my life to building something like this.

Also via Avedon, just in case you were having trouble telling the difference,Don't be confused.

Meanwhile, who doesn't love gossip? An unnamed member of the royal family was targeted by a blackmailer who allegedly had photos of the unnamed royal personage having sex and passing around cocaine. I'm guessing it was Prince William.

And I stumbled this today. This is very cool. A guy found a 3.92-carat at this state park in Arkansas. I've never heard of it before, Crater of Diamond State Park but this is just my kind of gig. I've been wanting to do this since I found out about Herkimer diamonds. but these are real ones as far as I can tell. I think I have to go to Arkansas.

I love rock collecting and you get a chance to come home with something like the Uncle Sam Diamond. That would be fun.


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