Monday, July 16, 2007

For the birds

Man, I don't know where the weekend went. I was so tired I just dizzed around the internets and barely posted anywhere and now I'm back to another big work week. This whole month is going to be pretty deadly as far as scheduling goes but I'm determined to keep up some kind of content here, that is if I can stop falling asleep sitting up in front of the computer. It's uncanny, I can sleep for an hour before I wake up and realize I've drifted off.

But enough whining. I'm finally having some bird encounters at the McCompound. There's a mockingbird that seems to have taken up residence, maybe in the eaves. He (she?) hangs out in the front yard all the time and comes and sits on the handicapped sign every morning watching me drink my coffee.

I think it might be a girl because it was doing the pretend broken wing dance when I drove in the other night. I think they do that to deflect attention from their babies. Or maybe it's a boy doing a mating dance and was looking for some love. Who knows.

In any event, I've been toying with the idea of getting a bird feeder. I had pretty much decided not to do it until I saw the hummingbird yesterday. He hovered in front of the deck looking for a handout for a few moments and convinced me. I'm just going to get a hummingbird feeder. It's not as messy as a seed feeder and I LOVE hummingbirds. Maybe I'll get a little flock of them to visit me regularly.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to hang it without falling off the deck.


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