Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moving day

I'm 99% moved. All my worldly possessions that weren't too mold ridden to keep are here and the old place is almost clean. I have to go back tomorrow night and take out the trash barrel for the last time and do a quick once over on the bathroom and kitchen and I'll be done. It was a pretty easy move all things considered. Moving across town is like that. I carried over the stuff I would need right away in open boxes and so far I was able to find most of what I need without having to rip stuff apart. Which is good because nothing is marked.

Ortega showed an hour early this morning. It's a good thing I crashed out last night and decided to get up early to finish the last of the packing so I could get on the computer for a little while before they arrived. I had just turned it on to check my email when they showed up. I can't get used to how punctual people are down here. Up north, they would have been two hours late.

They did a great job. They didn't have to take anything apart so it went quick and they put everything where I wanted it. That's the up side of a smaller place. These big box apartments are set up in a way that it's rather apparent where everything needs to go.

So here I am surrounded by boxes but of course the first thing I did was set up the computer. The unpacking can wait. I'm happy with the signal I'm getting here. It seems to be quicker than it was at the old place and there was no problem getting on line. I was thrilled to see I get morning sun on my deck. It should do wonders for my plants and even better, the sun is gone by 1:00 so I won't fry out there in the afternoons.

So far, I'm pretty much loving the place. Being on the second floor gives you a measure of privacy and the deck is recessed so it feels extra private. There's always a breeze here as well. Maybe because it's on top of the hill. I kind of feel like I'm at a condo on the beach. No salt air, but the traffic on the highway kind of sounds like surf and I saw a hawk this afternoon when I was taking a break out there. I thought that was a good omen.

The complex is big and there's a lot of kids but it's not too noisy. Or course, it's only the first day so I suppose that could change but so far it's just the right amount of hubbub for me. I loved the privacy at the old house but somehow I'm finding having people around somewhat comforting. So far so good anyway.

Now if I can just figure out how to work the fancy appliances. It took a while to figure out to make the oven work to reheat my pizza and the nuker is so fancy I can't quite figure out what I'm supposed to do with it. It has a turntable and a little steel rack in it. I've never seen that before. I didn't think you could even have a metal rack in a nuker. I'm going to have get an instruction booklet from the office.


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