Sunday, December 03, 2006

House of Death revisited

This is an old story that has been resurrected by the UK Guardian. It has everything. Paid informants, government malfeasance, inter-agency squabbling between Customs, now know as Immigration and Customs Executive, the DEA and the FBI, a cover up that reaches all the way into the White House and the death of a legal US resident at least enabled, if not conducted by the informant.

It never really received wide play in mainstream news outlets here, one would think because it's too complicated to be explained easily in sound bytes and since only Hispanics were dying, no one really cares. The Guardian does a good job of boiling it down to its essential elements though and it's worth reading, if only to see how jaded our prohibitionists have become that they pay an informant $200,000 to actively engage in high level drug dealing and murder in order to catch a relatively small fish in a drug cartel.

The drug war warriors will claim it as a success even though it will have zero impact on the cartel's ability to continue to smuggle drugs into the country and will write off the mother and children who lost a good, hard-working, law-abiding father and husband to their deception, as mere collateral damage. How sad.


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