Sunday, December 03, 2006

Google searches of the week

I've been burning leaves for the last three days and I'm whipped so here's a lazy post to start the day. I haven't looked at the google hits in a while and these amused me.
video of woman being attached by a kanagroo
butt pimples and polysporin
"aliens with white eyes"
Jackl porn
23 years old porn
tits of the week
texas law growing one pot plant in house
see a sneak peace og black christmas
I'm embarrassed to admit that I did misspell kangaroo exactly that way on one point but I don't have a video of a kanagroo attached to a woman. And for the guy who's wondering about growing only one plant in Texas. I'm pretty sure you'll still get busted. Might as well grow a dozen.


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