Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meth heads get a holiday

Well put on your party hats folks. Today, by presidential proclamation, we get to celebrate Meth Awareness Day. A day to reflect on a drug that has been around for about 40 years but didn't get to be an epidemic until the prohibitionists declared it to be a national emergency right about the time they were getting a lot of bad press about arresting terminally ill people in hospital beds for using medical marijuana.

You can read our drug czar, John Walters' self-serving screed here but if you're interested in actual facts about the drug, you might want to skip that and read D'Alliance's post instead.

Walters thinks he deserves some thanks for fighting this scourge and pats himself on the back for reducing the number of small labs in the US. So why don't you drop him a little note and thank him for taking the meth trade out of the hands of small non-violent operators and handing it over to the major Mexican organized crime cartels since we all know that trading a small problem for a bigger one is the surest way to keep our kids safe.


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