Friday, November 24, 2006

If you knew Susie....

I swear I'm still in such a trypto coma from yesterday's turkey dinner that I'm drinking coffee at this late hour to try to kick my brain in gear. So while I'm waiting for the caffeine to take effect, here's an item about my friend Susan Angeletti. Susan is one of the best female singer songwriters I've ever heard. Think Janis Joplin with Jagger's confidence , Tina Turner's energy and Aretha's soul. Why she isn't a bigger star is mystery to me, but the music industry's loss is the Happy Valley's gain. If you're reading this within striking distance of Western MA, she's having a benefit show for Toys for Tots on December 9th at the Bluebonnet Diner. If you've never heard her play, this is a good cause and great opportunity to check out Susie and her ever changing, but always stellar, back up band.

And while I'm on the subject of unappreciated singer songwriters, I'm adding my pals John Sheldon and Kevin Keady to my musicmaker category on the blogroll. All their websites are way underdeveloped - John doesn't even mention his beginnings as wunderkid guitarist for Van Morrison, and Kevin doesn't even have a picture of his gorgeous self, but their music rocks the house. With the gift season upon us, I'd recommend their CDs for anyone who appreciates great but "undiscovered" musicians.


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