Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A call to change the course in the WOsD

Long time readers know that about almost three years ago I started blogging politics for an MSM newspaper. As a result, my drug war blogging here suffered but I figured I would do more good bringing the message to the non-consumers in Detroit and I guess I've done a pretty good job of that, enough so that my critics accuse me of blogging while bonging when they can't refute my points.

Still, I've sometimes second guessed my choice so I love when this happens. Nolan Finley, who is a fairly conservative guy and almost certainly a non-consumer, posts an eloquent column calling for a reassessment of the war on some drugs. Do me a favor a click over to read the piece. I'd like the editors to see it generates interest. Meanwhile here's a couple of choice quotes.
Yet while it only took three years for the American people to lose patience with the Iraq War, the drug war has been dragging on virtually unchallenged for three decades.

Given the cost, it's baffling that taxpayers haven't demanded more accountability. State and federal drug fighting efforts cost roughly $1 billion a week.

Here's the return on that money: Zero. Despite keeping more than 300,000 people locked up for drug offenses, narcotics use has held steady for 20 years.
And this is my favorite graf.
The drug war has ruined America's cities. Gangs terrorize neighborhoods and catch innocent residents in their crossfire. Up to half of the homicides in urban communities can be traced to drug trafficking. Police forces have turned into paramilitary units that are often as menacing as the hoodlums.
I think his numbers are little off but I'm not going to quibble about it and there's lots more good stuff. Check it out.


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