Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving thanks

It's a funny holiday this year. I had to work really early this morning and the first thing I'm thankful for today is the hour long nap I just got and that the sun came out just when I woke up after two days of solid dreary rain. Restoring your energy is wonderful thing. I'm thankful for the fabulous meal I'll be having in a couple of hours, but that's the little stuff. The big stuff is too long to list it all.

I'm thankful for a wonderful and loving family. I'm thankful that I lived to see my daughter grow up into a confident and competent woman who is doing great work to benefit society. I'm thankful that I have a son-in-law who is a good husband to her and a good friend to me. I'm thankful for old friendships that can't be diminished by distance and for new friends that have learned to appreciate my eccentric nature.

And I'm thankful for blogging, for giving me a forum to express the thoughts that are always roiling in my head and for bringing you -- my cherished readers -- into my world. Some of you I know and love on the earthly plane and some I only know in cyberspace but I consider you all dear friends. Thanks for sticking with me. Without you, my world would be a lonely place.

I hope every one of you found yourself in a warm place with good company and fine food on this Thanksgiving Day.


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