Monday, October 02, 2006

Love bites...

Is it just me, or did I go through this same narcoleptic stage last year at the change of seasons? I was in bed by 8:30 and I slept for 12 farookin hours last night. I'm not looking to make it much past 9:30 tonight. I think I must not have slept enough on my week off because I was dreaming like crazy all night long. So many dreams I can't remember any of them but I still don't feel resolved. I almost went back in, I had time, but 12 hours was already a ridiculous amount of time to sleep. Maybe I'm coming down with something or maybe it's the change of seasons. Everyone around me is in a state of flux.

Speaking of which, my pal Preston Peet of is going through a very tough break-up, if indeed it is a breakup. Just checking right now I see they're still leaving each other biting messages on their MySpace pages. But whatever is going on, he's going through a rough time so any girls that understand how to use MySpace, please go over to Preston's page and leave him a suggestive message.

Erin O'Brien, I'm counting on you... It could change his whole world.


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