Monday, October 02, 2006

Litchfield cops need remedial math?

I'm posting this piddling little marijuana eradication because it happened in my old stomping grounds in Connecticut. You wouldn't expect a bust like this to even be made public in a town like Litchfield. It's a very upscale town where movies stars and other illuminaries live.
LITCHFIELD (AP) - The president of the Litchfield Land Trust was charged with marijuana possession after more than a dozen large pot plants were found growing on conservation land. [...]

Police said they found about 15 to 20 six-foot high plants on Wednesday after being tipped off. The plants were located in a remote section of land trust property off a dirt road just west of the Bantam section of town. Police removed more than 130 pounds of plants, Officer David Cooper said.

Officers returned the next day and spotted Litwin and Barbero allegedly in the field with a small bag of marijuana. Cooper said the investigation is ongoing and it hasn't been determined that the marijuana was grown by Litwin and Barbero.
What really strikes me about this bust is that the police don't know whether they confiscated 15 or 20 plants. What? They can't count that high or were they so excited by finding the field that they forgot to count?


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