Friday, September 02, 2005

Law protects DEA liars

Scott at Grits for Breakfast has an interesting post up on How snitch rules protect lying DEA agents. Interesting twist to the story.
U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer would like someone to investigate whether an apparently mendacious DEA agent -- who sponsored a confidential informant the FBI fired for lying -- should be prosecuted for perjury in California's southern district. But no one will tell him who is looking into it. Ironically, the feds claim that, because of a ruling by Breyer's brother, Justice Stephen Breyer, the Judge doesn't get to know. reports that doesn't sit well with the Justice's younger sibling:
The crux of the matter is this.
Stephen Breyer's decision says prosecutors don't have to disclose compromising information about informants until after a defendant turns down a plea deal and opts to go to trial.
Scott sees somes significant problems with this approach and offers up some practical solutions. Read the whole post.


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