Thursday, September 01, 2005

Living like a refugee

As JackL, who sent this to me, said, "You know when you're quoting Pravda for the, uh, "truth" you didn't find in the MSM ...well, you might have problems." He's right. We're in trouble when you can fill a stadium full of $100 ticket holders in less than an hour but subject already traumatized victims of a natural disaster to inhumane conditions in order to perform warrantless searches before they are allowed shelter.
The frail elderly, many grasping walkers and others in wheelchairs seemed to be near collapse. They, along with hundreds of small children needing water and rest-room relief, were forced to wait as long as four hours to get to safety.
If you've never been to New Orleans in the summer, let me tell you that there is no comparison to the heat of that city. In June, without AC, you sweat while you're in a cold shower. It's a miracle no one died from heat exhaustion while they were waiting for one or two adults to be admitted at a time, so they could be searched "for firearms and alcohol." Not to mention drugs.
During coverage by Geraldo Rivera Sunday night, Fox News' video cameras zoomed inside the foyer deck of the Superdome and viewers could see a national guard person going through a powder compact from of a woman's purse that was 'way too small to hold a liquor bottle or a gun. It was obvious that they were looking for drugs in warrantless searches. They instructed all the refugees far back in the seemingly endless lines to have their prescription-pill bottles out when approaching the security checkpoint and also a photo ID to prove that they belonged with the prescription.

There were thousands of poor, mostly black citizens of the lower Louisiana area, many of them little children and sickly elderly, being forced to stand for hours while the government violated their civil rights with forced searches that were patently unconstitutional, unjust and unreasonable under the dire circumstances. 'Don't want to be searched? That's turn around, go outside and die!' Big choice.
Yet this adminstration still dares call this country the "land of the free." As the author points out,
Let's face it. If you're poor in America, you're a 'suspect,' maybe. If you're poor and black in America, you're a 'criminal,' definitely. Even if your life is in peril, no excuses. Your rights don't count as long as any badge or weekend warrior in BDU's says they don't.
And that goes for the war on some drugs as well. There's a reason one out of three black men go to jail in their lifetime and this mindset is it.


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