Wednesday, August 31, 2005

SWAT team and government agencies pay for wrongful raid

Finally something resembling justice served in these inexcusable SWAT team follies.

A Pueblo family who said masked police officers broke into their home without a warrant will get a $230,000 settlement from local, state and federal officials.

...Pueblo officials and an attorney for one of the federal drug agents admitted that the raid was in error, but blamed it on miscommunication.

DEA agents requested that Pueblo SWAT officers arrest the Unis’ sons and were under the understanding that a warrant had been issued for their arrest, but was not.

The settlement called for the city and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to pay the family $100,000 each. The state will pay $30,000.
Of course, no one is admitting liability but at least the family is being compensated for having been wrongly terrorized by our government. Perhaps if they have a few dozen more payouts like this, the prohibitionists will rethink their whole SWAT team strategy, but don't hold your breath waiting.

[hat tip to JackL]


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