Sunday, August 28, 2005

What's that sound?

That growling you hear is Gut Rumbles and if you're hungry for something completely different, Acidman is your guy. Don't let the name fool you, it's got nothing to do with LSD. It appears he had a job where he actually made industrial acid of some kind. Funny I never thought of it before, but acid doesn't grow on trees. Someone has to make the stuff they issue all those warning labels about. Doesn't sound like a pleasant job. But I digress.

I wandered on to his blog by accident and I shouldn't like him at all. By his own admission, he's "obnoxious, profane, drunken, red-necked, loud-mouthed and entirely worthy of ritual de-linking by ANY self-respecting blogger." Not to mention a misogynist, but I think that part is idle boasting. From what I can tell in my limited tenure there, he loves his wimmin, especially when they're scratching at each other over his attention.

Nonetheless, we surprisingly have a lot in common and I've grown unreasonably fond of him and his motley crew of rednecks in the last couple of weeks. But then again, I always have had a thing for "bad boys." Besides I know my Dad and my "born again as a hillbilly" sister Annie are going to love him too, so this link is for them.

Enjoy and don't be surprised if you find me in the comment section now and again. I never could resist a challenge.


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