Friday, September 02, 2005


I've been Katrina blogging on my politiblogs for the last day or so. I have a couple of useful links for those of you who have loved ones in the disaster area. Captain Ed has the details on the blogger fundraising drives and other private relief efforts.

The most useful for those looking for news on the victims is a new site called KatrinaFinder which provides a central link for victims and those searching for them, to find each other. Daniel Ford sadly set this up because his own sister is among the missing.

I watching the CNN coverage today, for the first time since the hurricane struck, and to balance all those stories about lawlessness and looting, I would note the FEMA spokesperson said that 99% of the victims in New Orleans are not looting, are cooperating with authorities and attempting to help each other survive. It's good to know Americans can still count on each other, especially when it's so clear they couldn't depend on our President to lead them out of this disaster.


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