Monday, July 18, 2005

Weedman back in the running

The NJ Weedman, Ed Forchion is back on the ballot. He's planning to run for Governor of New Jersey.
"I am not that high that I think I am going to win. I just want to give the finger to the system and rally others who feel the same way.," Forchion said.

His platform is that "Cannabis smokers are the only segment of the population begging to be taxed. "We believe in taxation not incarceration," Forchion said.
The biggest challenge he faces of course, is the police. They tend to arrest him regularly. But he has built something of a base among the constituency.
"The US Marijuana Party" got 7,000 votes in Burlington County. That was the most for any 3rd party candidate on the card according to Forchion.

"Take a toke and vote for the weedman," Forchion said.
We wish him luck on his latest foray into the political arena.


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