Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekly roundup - Part II

The DRC Net newsletter is also packed with news this week. There's an interview with medical marijuana patient Brian Epis as he awaits resentencing after having been released last year pending the Raich decision. In light of the dismal decision, Brian could use some support. There's a call out for letters to the judge. Details at the end of the post.

They also report on cops in W. Pennsylvania who want to decriminalize marijuana and Phil Smith has the last word on those pot flavored lollipops. It turns out they weren't a hemp food at all. Although they don't contain enough THC to register on the DEA scale, the pops really do contain an essence of marijuana flowers which hemp food doesn't contain.

The agricultural hemp movement is pretty pissed off about the product. Since it's being touted in the press as hemp candy, it's giving healthy hemp products a bad name and making their job a whole lot harder. I have to admit we were guilty of making the mistake here and we apologize to Vote Hemp and set the record straight.


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