Friday, July 15, 2005

Around the bloggerhood

D'Alliance has a bunch of stuff up this week. Start at the top and keep scrolling. Of note is a post on "An expert in eating disorders collapsed in a supermarket after inhaling propellant from whipped cream cans." Another post on The editor of Newtopia who is in jail for drug possession and a post on a possible change in Afghanistan eradication policy.

Also welcome to the bloggerhood to medical marijuana researcher Dr. Tom O'Connell. It's a pretty brainy blog but understandable to regular folks like me. This for instance doesn't need any parsing.
In other words, pot had been treating what Prozac treats before Prozac even existed- only more effectively, more safely, and more durably. I explore this rationale in my article in the Spring edition of O'Shaughnessy's, the Journal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group.

Analysis of patient responses-still incomplete- has now progressed to a point where it allows some very pejorative conclusions about pot prohibition itself and raises serious questions about whether any substance prohibition can ever be responsible public policy.
And that's just the first post. Good blogging Dr. Tom.


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