Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wish that it would rain

I'm still on family duty today so posting is likely to be late again, but we'll be catching up in the next few days that I have off. Meanwhile it's hotter than Hades here already at 6:00am. Like they used to say up North, it's not the heat - it's the humidity. Oddly it doesn't seem to generate rain as much as it should.

The garden is limping along. The deer came back early this week and wiped out the bean plants again, which had been struggling to come back. They're feisty little things. They keep trying again, every time and are already sending out new leaves. I think I see a fruit finally setting on the weird Italian squash thing - hopefully deer don't like baby squash. I would love to at least see one of those. Meanwhile, the deer also trimmed the Brandywine for me. It was so overgrown and I couldn't quite to decide where to nip it. Good old Bambi figured it out and it fits into the cage better anyway. The other tomatoes are still growing, now the size of giant golf balls.

The big success story is definitely the window box. The torenia are blooming nicely again and you just can't keep a good morning glory down. The elaborate string system is working well. The vines are already at the top and the leaves are finally starting to get bigger. I may see some flowers on that puppy yet.


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