Monday, July 11, 2005

Quick hits

I'm on duty again tomorrow so some lazy linking.

More Raich fallout. California Suspends Photo ID Program That Serves Patients. The Health Dept has asked the state's AG for a written ruling.
The attorney general's office has agreed to consider the health department's request, but spokeswoman Teresa Schilling pointed out that "...Raich does not impose a mandatory duty to enforce the federal controlled substances act against people who are using medical marijuana legally under California law."
This stale ONDCP meme has been making the rounds. Picked up in Des Moines this week, Teens more likely to try marijuana in summer. And the point is? They're also more likely to try alcohol, cigarettes, unprotected sex and driving too fast.

Finally, Willie Nelson has a new album out that has his marketer's "'covering all the bases,' Nelson joked."
While the music on "Countryman" might raise the eyebrows of country purists, so will the cover, with its green marijuana leaves on a red and yellow background.

The marijuana imagery reflects Jamaican culture, where the herb is a leading cash crop and part of religious rites, but it also reflects Nelson's fondness for pot smoking.
Always did like Willie.


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