Monday, July 11, 2005

What a difference a dateline makes

Unlike my last post on shopowners who get busted for making a living, in Canada at least you have to be actually selling drugs to get busted for drug trafficking. Porn shop owner William Perry finds himself in that predicament.

He plans to fight the charges and run for office. And he appears to have support in his district.
Charlotte Thom, who owns the coin laundry next door to Guilty Pleasures, was shocked to hear on Thursday that Perry had been arrested. She had never had a problem with him or his store, she said, and didn't know there were drugs on sale there.

"Will's a real stand up guy," Thom said. He has called the police numerous times to report vandalism and theft in the area, and broke up a fight in April.
He has also been an otherwise law abiding, tax paying citizen of the community. In America he would end in prison for many years under mandatory minimum drug laws. In Canada, because he was only selling cannabis, he is still free to operate the legal end of his business and he might even get elected mayor.

At the moment he has a sign in front of his store saying, STAND 4 SOMETHING OR FALL FOR ANYTHING. He's got my vote.


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