Saturday, July 30, 2005

Around the Bloggerhood

Scott at Grits for Breakfast is serving up his usual array of distasteful drug war atrocities. Don't miss his disturbing posts on pretexual traffic stops in the charmingly named Dogwood Trails and yet another senseless death sentence by Taser, exacted against a small time drug user.

Flex Your Rights is off and running with a bunch of great posts. They're talking about quota sytems for traffic stops that allegedly aren't illegal because they don't have quotas for arrests, only for the stops. Scott also discovers a weird new cult of New Yorkers who are volunteering to have their bags searched on the subways.

Meanwhile, my thoughts are with Loretta Nall. She has all the latest news on the Canadian front, start at the top. She is also directly affiliated with Marc Emery through the Marijuana Party and as a correspondent on PotTV.

With the destruction of Marc's business interests, she is out of a job at the moment and as leader of the USMP and an outspoken advocate for legalization, is perhaps in some danger of being arrested herself. Send a kind thought her way.


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