Friday, July 29, 2005

Rain came

Well the storms danced all around me but the rain came and it's markedly cooler but the air didn't really improve after all. It's so much humid as moisty. It feels like walking inside a mushroom when you go outdoors. I already have a couple of impressive specimens in the yard by the way and expect many more when it heats up again.

Nonetheless I find it preferable to freezing in artificial air and I like the sound of the tree frogs. They were so loud last night, right before the rain started, it was almost like they were calling it in unison. It was deafening - you almost couldn't hear the rain start. They're happily chirping away now as well, but they're back to their usual call and reply mode.

Meanwhile, I saw my first humminbird a couple of days ago. I should put up the feeder I guess. Maybe I'd get more.


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